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Aloha, families! The attached files are worksheets that you can use at home if you choose, to help your students strengthen their mental math skills. The files work by cutting each list and testing your student on only ONE list at a time, as frequently or as intermittently as you’d like. You can do any or all of the following with these lists:

  • set a timer for 1 minute and see how many problems they can answer within that time
  • set a stopwatch and see how long it takes them to complete all the problems on the list
  • give 2 siblings the same list and have them race against each other (only if your children enjoy that kind of competition, of course)
  • do not time or race, and simply allow them to complete the list at their own pace

Note: The last page of the “Speed Multiplication” file has a blank Multiplication Table. This table is a good reference to gauge whether or not your students are ready to move on from Numerations to another math book.


Esther Langi

1 thought on “Math Facts Worksheets for Home Use”

  1. Hi Esther. I am not in your class but I remember doing these number exercises in 7th grade. Once I memorized most of the numbers, then our teacher made a big full page graph with all the numbers mixed up for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. (Hers had all numbers out of order down the left side and all numbers out of order across the top. We would feel in the squares for all numbers on the entire page.) For me, it was a real thrill to try to fill up that whole page in one minute. (I sure am aware that everybody has their own type of competition, so this was mine, thank goodness!). If there was a multiplication number that I didn’t know immediately, well that would make me mad that it slowed me down! So I would be sure I knew it next time. Knowing these combinations of math have helped me my entire life and have never left my brain, amazingly, as I am now 74. I don’t ever need a calculator to know these combinations, they are in my head forever! This is such a wonderful tool that you have given your students and I just wanted to bare testimony of that!
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