Junior History Lessons Outline (1700s) for 2023

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1700s History lessons for Junior Class 2023


Dear parents, here is the outline for the next few months for the Junior history class held at noon, T, W, Th.

You might want to ask often, “What did you learn in history today?” and check your students’ workbooks each week to get an idea of what they are being taught in class.  You are welcome to join in!

SEPTEMBER (Holiday — Constitution Day)

5-7 – Orientation and training lessons; get acquainted; history of the Bible, study of the books of the Bible; overview of 1700s, volume 1

12-14 – Test week (no school)

19-21 – Why America is called “The Promised Land” with a power point slide show.

26-29 – Our flag; Betsy Ross story and mini-play.

OCTOBER (Holiday, Columbus Day)

3-5 – Design a family flag; story of Columbus – early life

10-12 – Columbus, continued, his voyage to America

17-19 – The Story of Jamestown

24 – 26 – The Story of Pocahontas

31 – HARVEST PARTY; Students can dress in costume (appropriate – historical preferred);  details later.

NOVEMBER (Holiday — Thanksgiving)

1 – 2 – Recuperate from sugar-high; make a November calendar

7 – 9 – Story of the pilgrims;  The Mayflower compact; religious freedom

14 – 16 –Native Americans in the New World, harvest games and activities


28 – 30 – How William Bradford set the people free – story of free enterprise


DECEMBER (Holidays — Ramadan, Hannukah, Christmas)

5 – 7 – Make a December “count-down to Christmas” calendar; How the Muslims celebrate Ramadan (usually in December—next year in March during Easter)

12 – 13 – How and why the Jewish people celebrate Hannukah in December

19 – 21 – The Christmas story and fun activities

22 – January 2 – CHRISTMAS BREAK

The January lessons begin with a study of the lives of the Founding Fathers.  Afterwards I’ll be teaching  brand new lessons for young people about the 28 principles from “The 5,000 Year Leap.”

The month of May will be “Free Enterprise Month” — students will learn the art of buying and selling by creating an online store.

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or comments about this class.

Julianne Kimber

801-414-0332 or [email protected].

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