Junior B Math schedule through December 2022

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Dear Parents, please download and print out the attached page showing the math class schedule for the rest of 2022.  The plan may vary as things roll along, but the students would love to have your help in memorizing the times tables — something that is rarely emphasized in other educational systems!  

As you know, learning to THINK and SELF-GOVERN is the goal for learning math the Kimber way.  Our brains are the best calculators and just need training.  All other maths will come easy once the times tables — 2 through 12 — are memorized.  Thank you so much for your support with this!  And remember, if “Johnny” says, “Mom, can I go to Jeffry’s to play?”  You can respond, “Sure!  Right after you recite the 3 times tables to me.”  🙂  

Thank you!

“Grandma” Kimber


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