January 2021 Announcements

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  • January 13, Wednesday, 7:00 pm is KA parent night
  • Testing Week will be the week of January 19. Please order tests right away so you can receive them by January 19. (Remember to use the discount code.) No school that week, except for Friday classes.
  • The new semester begins the following week on Tuesday, January 27.
  • Since Savannah Koyle will be having a baby, we have a new teacher for the Junior Class — the invincible Sharee Jones.  🙂
  • “Grandma” Kimber will be teaching for Tiffany Langford in the General Core class for a few weeks until Tiffany returns.
  • Here is a list of manuals students will need for the second semester (at www.kimbercurriculum.com):
Advanced Classes:  Healing of America Seminar #2
                                 Healing of America Seminar #4
                                 Middle East in History and Prophecy
                (No change for Days of the Living Christ or Treasures from the Book of Mormon)
General Core Classes:  God’s Hand in the building of
                                                    America, Volume 2
                                       Book of Mormon, Volume 2
                                       (Math of choice; Botany cont’d)
Junior Core Classes:  1700s workbook, Volume 2
                                     Math–HF Favorite Numbers #2, (Botany cont’d)
Remember to sign up for the “5,000 Year Leap” with Larry Hill, if desired.  Student Manual available.
Tresta Neil’s elective class will continue the “How to Discover God in a Circle.”  In February she will begin “Discover the Plan of Salvation in a Line.”  Manuals for these excellent lessons are available for $10 at this link: https://calledtolearn.com
The Creator’s Art classes will continue with last semester’s manual.  January classes begin the study of the third day of creation — drawing and painting all types of plants.


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