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Hello, parents.  Here is the outline for the Friday 10:00 a.m. elective class, given by “Grandma” Lorie Davis:

Grandma Lorie greets class, tells story. Class reads scriptures for essential points, and
answers questions to show alertness to story, recognitions of problems and solutions in
their own lives.
STORIES FOR FALL ’23 AND SPRING ’24. Stories will be numbered as length of
each is determined. The first two stories continued from last year are…
32 Jonah and the Whale
33 Story of Ruth.
1. Samuel, the boy prophet
a. Ark of the Covenant makes Philistines sick
b. Eli’s wicked sons die, also Wimpy prophet Eli.
2. People want king, Saul chosen
a. Saul offers forbidden sacrifice, is rejected by God.
b. Saul goes insane, is calmed by David’s songs
3. David and Goliath, people praise David, Saul is jealous
4. Saul tries to kill David often, David and Jonathan love each other. Wife Michel
taken away from David
5. David and Abigail
6. David made king, defeats Philistines
a. David marries hundreds to make peace with kings.  Not good.
7. David and Bathsheba
a. Bathsheba bears Solomon, who is promised Wisdom
8. Solomon’s wisdom to “cut the Baby in half”;
a. Solomon builds Temple.
b. Solomon uses Israelites as his workers and servants.- bad
c. Solomon has too many wives and sons. Kingdom splits. -bad
9. Elijah, Ahab and Jezebel
a. Naboth’s Vineyard
b. Elijah fed by Ravens
c. Challenge to Priests of Baal
10. Elijah and Elisha, Chariot of Fire and 5 mini-stories
a. Elisha and the endless pot of oil
b. Elisha and the poison stew healed
c. Elisha feeds 100 prophets with bread
d. Elisha raises a boy from the dead
e. Elisha’s faith conquers an army –
11. Naaman, the Leper and the little girl
12. Ten Tribes lost after Assyrian conquest – (all over Europe, Russia, China.)
13. King Josiah and the found book of Scripture bring Israel back to God.

14. Jeremiah, Zedekiah, (Lehi to America, Tamar to Ireland)
15. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abed-nego in Nebuchadnezzar’s court
16. King’s Golden image and fiery Furnace for Shad, Mes, Abednego
17. Danial, Belshazzar, and the Writing on the Wall
a. Daniel in the Lion’s Den
18. Esther – as recorded with story images
19. Cyrus frees Israel to build Temple.
Lost 400 years, Maccabees. faithful. Zealots at the Dead Sea , Romans

Story of Pre-existence
Story of Atonement
Story of Baptism

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