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Hello Kimber students and parents!

There is going to be a delay in uploading videos to the site for a day or two while I figure out some technical problems. I apologize for the delay, and appreciate your patience while I get this resolved.

The issue is that YouTube is very strict in regards to music being played during our videos. If a single piece of copyrighted music is played during a recording, YouTube will take the entire video down. To resolve this, I generally need to edit the video, then re-upload it. This process can take another 6 hours, after already spending roughly the same time getting the video up to begin with.

On top of that, YouTube has recently introduced a “strike” system, where if we have 3 violations within 90 days, they might delete our entire channel, meaning we would lose all of the previous videos.

To resolve this, we are considering switching to Vimeo, who are far more accommodating. They will allow us to play music in class without taking down our videos. I have been testing this, and have run into other technical problems, but once they are resolved we should be good to go again.

Once again, I apologize for the delay, and thank you for your patience while we resolve this matter. Have a great day!

Richard Genck
Kimber Academy Technician


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